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Sensuous nude perfume

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For pre-orders, please refer to the estimated ship timing on the product page. Lela star lesbian sex. A very woody, coconut smell. I'm afraid that's it for me. Sensuous nude perfume. I would prefer a more natural milky coconut.

Coconut really stands out on this one. The second best coconut fragrance after Versace crystal noir. Not forgetting the lovely ground pepper touch, which I find very thrilling! Thanks for bringing it back to my attention, I should finally go and buy a bottle. I wouldn't wear it with the fragrance as I feel it might eclipse the other notes. I am reminded of sunscreen, summer vacations, Hawaii. Bikini tits photos. It can be minus 6 degrees outside with gusty winds, snow blowing around the corners of the house when I spray this perfume and my mind will still create images of that beautiful beach.

Things couldn't have been done better. Some smooth light coconut, some very light musk, this scent is the olfactory equivalent of candlelight if that makes any sense. April 30, at 1: The Sensuous line really doesn't work well for me.

A lovely girl that work in the Estee Lauder section in a store in my town gave me the tester and was almost full, It' not a favourite of mine but it's alright, the note I notice immediately after apply is Honey and tones of it followed by coconut then I get the Jasmine and LOV, it's an easy perfume, I think my taste of perfumes changed every decade, I use to love fresh perfumes than I loved florals and now I love oriental and balsamic musk spices.

After a while I realize that its a fragrance that I would rather smell in my house or on my clothes. The original is really good. My mother-in-law bought this for me a couple of Christmases back because the Estee Lauder counterperson advised that it was popular with the younger girls I was 32 at the time, so not super young.

Sensuous nude perfume

Medium Brown Skin Type Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. Such a shame — I feel otherwise that I would like them a lot. More reviews by FeminineWoman. You will receive a link to reset your password. It just smelled like coconut and flowers with an ambery honey dry down. Your email address will not be published. Nothing vulgar or harsh. Thick chicks with big tits. I think I must pay more attention on feminine perfumes! To add to my review,I have the original Sensuous. I can't wait to try this! Anyway, I love this fragrance and like it more than the original.

Bergamot adds the freshness, zing and pop in the initial blast that gives Sensuous Nude its exciting wow factor in the beginning that calms down with the honeyed milk.

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Sensuous Nude has a short shelf life if it isn't kept in a cool, dark place, away from the sun. Sexy justin bieber naked. There is a sexy beachy vibe to this. This for me is a cool weather scent. It makes you smell kind of like a family -or socially oriented person It's pleasant yes, but could not point out what was especially attractive, since the whole scent after a while on skin takes that known cosmetic vibe, like entering a mainstream perfume shop.

I wonder if he thought the same thing. I was actually surprised how much of it I used, given that it was never a firm favorite.

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I am in love with this fragrance, and have bought several bottles up. This is a case, at least for me, where the flanker surpasses the original. But really like this scent is woody from the top to the end and i can smell everything i like sandalwood, cedar, coconut, honey and soft creamy jasmine. Anytime Daily Use Special Occasions. It is much softer and more feminine than the original Sensuous.

There are two of the Sensuous line on my shelf and I wear them both. Lesbian massage hd porn. Sadly I dont get any coconut at all, just a strong black pepper. Sensuous nude perfume. The jasmine,amber and honey give it a sexy warm vibe. Just got this a few weeks ago and I love it in the cool air! Can't wait to try this. I smell a tinge of honey. Absolutely fragrances are unisex and I love when men wear florals! On a "bad" day it can be intense, even cloying.

Popular brands and perfumes: I love this scent so much! The woodsy notes now take a background role and this lovely, musky but not dusty! Search over 50 stores for Sensuous Nude. Its such a comforting, pleasureable scent for all of 5 minutes!!! This is when it becomes most alluring. Sexy girls no pants. Great Price Great Shippi. In cold weather, the alcohol smell is quite strong for a few minutes, but it fades quickly. I know that, even if one of their fragrances may not call to me, it will be well-made, with projection for days and tenacious longevity.

I smell a lot of orange at the top, sweet mandarin orange.


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