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We joined Danny Wallace for the. Milf bikini pussy. Think of it as a Queen-style Greatest Hits. Topics covered this week include: All of this will be discussed, at length — plus — A quallo Pap.

Elis comes in not feeling too great today and is eventually reduced to nothing but a puddle on the floor after our fiery Tick Off A Taste. Elis len nude. Friend of the show and all round legend Ed Gamble took up the mantle this week and hammer-smashed it out of the vibe park. Fancy some disgusting parenting advice? Once again, despite the concerns of Radio X bosses and the radio community at large, Robins was unleashed onto an unsuspecting Ricky Wilson audience. Yet another classic from Elis and John this week, although we must apologise for Elis' lack of manners.

Widders is back in the studio, helping out Elis and John with their exciting dynamic pre-recorded New Years Eve funisode. John believes that Pizza Express Romana Pizzas use the same amount of dough as the classic base pizzas, therefore the extra charge is not justified.

Elis was on top form today, showing John some of his technological know-how and suggesting how to improve his fitness — and John hit back with some advice for Alien Ant Farm, before being distracted on the A1.

A cracking podcast this week as John rejoined Elis in the studio. John and Elis are reunited and discuss John's apocalyptic desires, Slovakian chess matches and plenty of idioms. Free lesbian anal sex movies. Alongside your own tales of being left out, we also heard about Elis skiing, Eli. Elsewhere, Elis and John enter the murky. Any podcast that pounds the P like this one deserves your attention.

All this plus E. As well as hearing about your fun work situations, Elis defended the not-so-stupid Super Furry Animals after a c. Elis provides some live anglo-welsh translation this week, whislt John recounts his encounter with a homeless man and an act of selfish generosity. Elis and John heard about your greatest unseen achievements this week, with Elis offering congratulations and John questioning their veracity.

A bumper podcast for you this week - so many belters! What happens at the John Robins Chr. This episode comes with a warning — Please be advised that this Podcast contains Elis James and John Robins acting out how to kiss on the radio.

Is Nicole Kidman warmer than William Hague? John and Elis had their best days ever this week, with John drinking ale and watching cricket, and Elis watching Wales beat Belgium He really does try his best. We find out how the lege. This is my new fav podcast. How do you pronounce Cynan? This podcast reaches Toxic levels of shame! Expect some humble brags and textual healing alongside some indie landfill and brand new feature, pub porn.

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Elsewhere, Elis and John enter the murky. Milfs gone wild xxx. Also, find out why John wants to marry New York barmaids. This week's podcast is high stakes, as Elis and John battle it out in Winner Plays On with Elis attempting to stop John's fifth win in a row - find out if he gets to keep the trophy!

How loud can John shriek? More to the point; how bad is graffiti? Elis was away on Welsh stand up duties and Ed filled in brilliantly. Opening the iTunes Store. All this plus sweaty Vin. Click I Have iTunes to open it now.

We made it to the end of another albeit shorter week on Drive! Well done to John this week as he soldiered through a catastrophic Mac failure to make it into the studio. All this was discussed by James and Robins, though perhaps more coherently by John.

Instead of staring at all the other subway passengers in annoyance, I laugh at the antics of Monsieurs John and Elis. This week Elis is in France, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology his dulcet tones could still be heard on Radio X shores, as he joined John down the line from his hotel room in his pants. Robins was down the line from Edinburgh once again and perched coquettishly under his duvet whilst Elis kept a firm grip on the studio tiller, it was an absolute corker of a show.

Plus there's exciting news of Elis' invite to a film premiere, and John's new teetotal lifestyle. Katy perry tits tumblr. So the boys asked for your conspiracy theories. Elis len nude. Was he able to whittle a spoon out of wood? There was a brilliant. This week, John emerges from Dry January in good health with zeal, and a slight hangover! Remember, tune in next Saturday. Will you be going to the John Robins Christmas Party? There's the usual Winner Play.

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Elis and John are also keen to hear your tales of no-shows after John went to see a gig by himself solodatewhilst Elis has been busy wondering which celebrities listen to the s. Clean Episode 94 — Farting and Dostoyevsky. What with Wales suddenly being good at football Elis was once again in France this week, but joined John down the line from his hotel room, where he eagerly awaited the arrival of an ironing board. There's a welcome return for Winner Plays On and Elis queries youth terminology in this cra.

Clean Episode 3 - Emasculating roadside assistance, Mogwai's vendetta against Blur and some baffling youth slang. Most beautiful woman ever naked. Getting ready in a hotel room Might be my first head to toe nude picture amateurgettingreadyhotelheadnudepicture.


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