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I have all the Naked palettes and love them all! I think the basic palette is perfect! But most of the colors are shimmery but the good thing is, they don't fall out. I wouldn't recommend getting the NBasics palette if you already have the N1 and N2, you can always take a matte neutral and dust down on a satin finish shade to matte it touch a touch and tone the reflective nature down.

I also do not put too much eyeshadow, I just want a simple look. Lesbea tit sucking. I have actually been using the Smashbox Full Exposure palette non-stop since purchasing it about a month or so ago The inner portion of my eye has just primer [Tarte 12 hour primer] and the outer part of my eye has a white base [Coastal Scents Camo Quad Concealer - White Color].

I tend to grab the Lorac more. Naked 1 sephora. I have created plenty of looks with my Naked and feel its really versatile. They carry the Lorac make up there, that is where I bought mine.

Hehe, maybe she's looking for someone to enable her to buy another palette? Hi, Beautiful Sign In or Register. About Sephora About Sephora. UD and Smashbox generally have good shadows with occasional glitches UD's notorious for fallout and glitterbombs, while Smashbox's shimmers can be hit-or-miss.

See samples, rewards and promotions in basket. Lorac Pro is of slightly better quality and pigmentation and has a better variety of colors though. If you are a fan of more rose gold shades, get the Naked 3. Girls pussy liking. I've been eyeing that palette I heard from some people that Lorac Palettes' shimmer colors are too shimmery while others love them and don't notice it. Is it the most fun palette out there? I haven't tried the LORAC palette yet, but I heard that it's just like the Naked palette but it gives you more color options and half of the colors are matte too.

I realized they expired too. I own naked 1 and I don't use half the colors in there. It depends mostly on what types of colors and finishes you like the best. I like that the colors are matte. I love all of them, but I find myself reaching for Naked 1 the most. I find I have to apply them with my fingers to get a good color pay-off.

Naked 1 sephora

You must be signed in to add attachments. Your Basket is Empty. They are so soft, glide on, and blend like a dream.

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It is truly the BEST! If you like cool undertones, I would say Naked 1, or warm I would go with Naked 1. Sexy girl fucked in sleep. I want a palette that I can use everyday - so i don't want overly shimmery overwhelming colors, but pretty, soft shimmer that brings out the eyes.

I think the basic palette is perfect! Naked Basics' lightest three shades go on chalky. I realli appreciate your detailed honest opinion!

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I own all of the naked palettes and the smash box and bars and today finally caved and bought the chocolate bar by too faced and I can already say it will be my favorite for quite a while because of the range of colors. Post in Everything Eyes.

Out of all the nakeds I own, the naked 1 is still my favorite. I have not tried the Stila one yet. I realized they expired too. My Sephora My Account. But the colors are very rather too shimmery and vibrant compared to its texture like you described. Didn't you mention already having the Smashbox Trio in Filter in your previous post? It's Limited Edition although I could buy the colors. Naked 1 sephora. Lesbian porn start. Love the Lorac palette. Hi, Beautiful Sign In or Register. If you're looking to narrow down use of colors for more simplistic looks and you already have the N1 and N2 from UD, try using shades from those two palettes: I have tried everything except for Lorac pro palette.

I bought a pro palette by NYX but didn't love it. I love all the browns, they have some shimmers on it. This is my everyday go to palette. I reach more for my Naked more than Naked 2 or 3 mostly cuz I like the bronze warm tones. Top lesbian cities. I bought Too Faced Natural at Night palette and although I like it better than the Naked 2 palette, it still wasn't the right one for me. You must be signed in to add attachments. I received like a trio from Stila in the past and thought that they blend better with the eyeliners and thought maybe their palette might work better than the UD considering that I don't want too much color, shimmer, pigmentation on my monolid eyes.

Plus the colors last forever! Right now, I'm loving my Dior eyeshadow palette in Rosy Tan. I really love Naked Basics!

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Kari wuhrer naked Add Created with Sketch. Naked for Asian eyes? I also have 2 Stila palettes and some trios.
Thick asian nude I like them all, but I use the Lorac more.
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Naked pics of ciara bravo Out of all the nakeds I own, the naked 1 is still my favorite. I am not liking Sephora's customer service in stores nowadays that I don't like doing returns for what I didn't like.
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