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Naked 1 palette review

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Much more muted than I expected! The included mirror is great too.

Will you be picking up Naked 3? It has safe neutral colors as well as dark, edgy, smokey colors. There is a gorgeous mix of shimmery ,mattes and satin finish shadows. Lesbian threesome sex pictures. I absolutely love your website, its like having Sephora in my computer. This comes in handy when you are not feeling very creative! I just got this palette in the mail today and I was looking at the color Toasted.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Naked 1 palette review. Wow this is a gorgeous palette! Fatime perhaps the balm meet matt e. Love the compilation this way u can see which shades u like from each, so far from 1, just 4 from 2 just 5 ,and from 3 just 8 and one for the brows.

They are so wearable, with my other UD palettes I tend to use the same ones over again. Hey hun, this person has totally copied your article word for word.

The swatches were so helpful! The only color I have from this palette is Smog from the Summer of Love palette, so I can justify getting this! Hope sephora brings UD here. We try our best to approve comments within 24 hours and reply to them within 72 hours but can sometimes get behind.

Naked 1 palette review

Just saw this at Sephora in France! Thing is, this palette is not for everyone. Naked women game of thrones. Use like any other hand wash. As contradicting as the name Naked and Smoky sounds, I think it kind of makes sense. I am lucky enough to own all four one of the best things blogging has brought me yet! Curious how two shades compare to each other? Heya Christine, Great review as always! Katie Koenig November 29, at 9: Because last time I was always using my alice in wonderland palette and ended up with glitter all over my face.

I have Modern Renaissance so I may just stick with that. D Everyone is beautiful in its own way! I want this soooooo bad!!

It has the same silky smooth texture and rich color pay off of Naked, too.

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The eye shadows are very soft and creamy, finely milled and have an excellent payoff! Archives Press Contact About. Bella Terentia November 21, at 3: I love the Naked palate. Olivia lesbian travel. Urban Decay Nail Color in Blackheart. Naked basics will cover you for now but mattes are more difficult to work with in general and there isn't as much range in what you can do.

I'm one that likes to put a nice light cream shadow all over my lid before the rest of the shades and this was missing in this palette. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Newer Post Older Post. Naked 1 palette review. Thank you for all the beautiful swatches! If you have the skills you can def get interesting looks with these but I felt it limited me a little and felt the needed to combine some lighter shades from my own stash!

Basically just want to get a really good value palette that I can wear all the time! I'm probably a shade or two darker than you and I feel like the colors already barely showed on your arm: I sure will visit!!!!!!!!!

Right off the bat you can see that the Naked 3 has an overall rose gold theme with 12 eyeshadows in a gorgeous, wave-textured tin case.

Gorgeous babes in super cute swimsuits, what' For 12 shades, I would expect a lot more versatility! This comes in handy when you are not feeling very creative!

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When in doubt, I'd say: But my concern is I don't wear makeup often. Each and every color can be used in different ways to create different looks-even the dramatic smoky ones! September 29th, by Sone. See my quick tutorial for my friend. Nude pic in india. They wear like a traditional lipstick. The packaging is beautiful and a major part of its charm. Thanks for the comparisons, Jen! Please Flag with Care. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


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