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I have deleted the thread because of the sickening things people have written in response. Cum fuck me shoes. It's kind of inevitable. I thought you guys were talking about the fucked up kind of hitting lol. Is Everywhere This content is available customized for our international audience. Evan rachel wood lesbian scene. Because I think that is what everyone is assuming.

That she is also playing queer is nothing new for her, though one reward for her years of being out is that she is not beholden to portray only positive representations. While it's true that certain mental illnesses do cause people to engage in risky sexual acts, this hardly seems like something we want to see in a film touting its queerness as the main draw for audiences.

I am not going to lie. And they also don't mind getting naked! Because straight people are super paranoid about that kind of thing, right?

Wood, whose cyborg Delores on Westworld endured multiple rapes as if in a Groundhog Day sort of loop, has never shied away from brutal roles, but she says that Laura was a whole new level of difficulty. At very first glance, Allure seems as fascinating as it is perverse, almost like a deep dive into the human psyche and what that can reveal about the different facets of romantic love and sexuality. Oh yeah, that was in Pretty Persuasion Press Enter to Search.

The film stars Evan Rachel Wood as Laura, a troubled something desperately looking for love in all the wrong places. Punky brewster nude pics. Its trailer gave us a peek into a story of mental illness, sexual aggression and exploration, and the dangers of losing oneself in another person.

Brittani has written articles for us. Most Popular on Advocate. A Letter From Your Editor. I did have a crush on Nikki. And yet the story is an important one to tell, a view held by the lead actors, Hollywood veteran Evan Rachel Wood and Vancouver-based newcomer Julia Sarah Stone. I was surrounded by beautiful people constantly. Please confirm that you are a Human by entering security code from the image below. Your comment has been submitted for review. There's a lot that is going to happen.

Each must process their past traumas and relationships with manipulative parents to break the cycle of abuse and be free. Wynona ryders tits. The Sanchez brothers are experts at doing more with less, and at cutting just before things get too gruesome. One of the aspects of the film that appealed to Wood — who in addition to speaking out about sexual assault has been an invaluable bisexual activist — was the idea of depicting, examining, and breaking cycles of abuse that do so much damage.

Umm hello women's clits are supposed to be small. I was just watching it and going, "What the f--k! You May Also Like ERW or KM have hit people before?

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You lie to yourself. There are many ways to tell a single story and we, as viewers, should not blindly accept what's in front of us just because it ventures into queer territory.

Please enter the letters from the image below: One day, while on a cleaning job, Laura finds herself intrigued by a teenage girl named Eva Julia Sarah Strong. Shy young lesbian. Did you have to get naked yet, because everyone on the show gets naked? I figured that those would be the questions! In the next scene, Laura appears chipper at the front door of a comfortable house, cleaning supplies in hand. Would you like to view this in our Australian edition? Members Member 13, Joined: I don't like Kate for Evan, Evan is so beautiful and Kate isn't, plus she's too old for her.

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View Gallery 15 Photos. It seems that your browser does not have Javascript enabled. Try getting raped in a scene. Evan rachel wood lesbian scene. State of the Autostraddle Union 3: Plus, she sets the record straight about the Spider-Man musical Oh yeah, that was in Pretty Persuasion Lol she seduced her in that movie I think. Its trailer gave us a peek into a story of mental illness, sexual aggression and exploration, and the dangers of losing oneself in another person. Dick hungry milf. Jude Dry Sep 13, All of Our Stories Matter. Video streaming by Ustream.

I can't say either way. Wood goes on to state that she thinks a lot of girls get crushes on their best friends. Her one consistency is that she's continually teetering on the edge of an emotional meltdown. Laura displays great artistry in her slow seduction of Eva, first as a friend, then as something else entirely.

The film stars Evan Rachel Wood as Laura, a troubled something desperately looking for love in all the wrong places. The year isand Ben Affleck is the lead of Kevin Smith's controversial tale about a boy and his undying attraction to his lesbian best friend. Sign up Log in.

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Proudtobebi1 Oct 16 Error no video, no sound. Trying to not let people off of the hook but to humanize them, which I think was important. Naked gun trilogy blu ray. When Laura realizes the police are looking for the runaway teen, her sunny front gives way to paranoia.

Once Wood gets going, Reed temporarily curls into a little ball which made me have a crush on her for a hot second. She's married now but they would have been so hot together. Have you seen the clip of Alex's shower scene in Hundtricket? Jude Dry Sep 13, It is currently seeking U. But the reality is that this problem is not only a heterosexual issue but affects many LGBTQ couples, too.

We deserve films that depict life as it is for us—beautiful, limitless, and full of love—not as filmmakers think we should be seen.

It was in the NY Post 2 days ago.


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